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Complete Truck & Trailer, Auto, and RV Repairs in Hanna

Mechanical Service & Repairs

Owning and maintaining a vehicle is an expensive affair. They require periodic service for a number of different reasons which include regular oil changes, damage repair, and more. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, it is important that you keep your vehicle up to date with regular mechanical service and repairs. This will also make sure that your vehicle is operating in an efficient manner and in the way you want it to. At Cactus Corner Travel Centre, we offer complete truck and trailer, auto, and RV repairs in Hanna. Maintaining your vehicle’s health will help increase its longevity and keep you safe while on the road. Call us today or drive in your vehicle at our shop to get it repaired right away.

What We Do

At Cactus Corner Travel Centre, we have certified Red Seal mechanics who are qualified to work on all types of trucks, trailers, autos, and RV repairs. We also have a professional team for mobile assist services on the road for breakdowns. Our complete range of mechanical repair services include:

Oil Changes

Suspension Repair

Transmission Repair

Brake Repair

Engine Repair

And more

Truck & Trailer Repair

Sticking to schedules and staying on the road is the most important task for the trucking business. However, trucks and trailers can run into mechanical problems or accidents due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, we provide comprehensive truck and trailer repair services on the go to ensure that you're back on the road in no time.

Auto Repair

Vehicles are prone to normal wear and tear during their lifetime. This is why they need regular maintenance to ensure that they're always as good as new. Our professional team offers a range of auto repair services including oil changes, transmission repairs, engine repairs, and other related mechanical services.

RV Repair

Recreational Vehicles or RVs are literal homes on wheels. Travelling along the country roads, problems can strike at any moment that can cause a breakdown. In such emergencies, contact our team for mobile RV repair services to help get you going as soon as possible. We carry all the equipment necessary for an RV.


Get Your Vehicle Fixed

Our certified team can help repair any type of vehicle including trucks, autos, and RVs.

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