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Driver Amenities

Driver Amenities

A girl is touching button on washing machine in laundry

Laundry Facilities

Our washer and dryer are available 24/7 to help you get that dirty clothes pile down a little bit while you're on the road. 

Open 24/7

Man taking a shower

Shower Facilities

Been on a long haul and need to get cleaned up? Stop by and refresh with our shower facilities. 

Showers are available with Pilot reward card points, complimentary with 300 litres in fuel or can be purchased for $12. 

Towels, facecloths, and soap can also be provided at no additional cost.

man is using a fax machine

Fax Machine

If you need to get your paperwork to your dispatcher or get that permit on time, Cactus Corner Travel Centre has a Transflo Station and Fax Machine to help you do your job promptly and effectively.

FAX: 403-854-3930

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