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Get Quick Farm Fuel Delivery in Hanna

Farm Fuel

Farm Fuel Delivery

You want bulk fuel? We will bring it for you! 


Providing services to farmers and ranchers in the Hanna, Alberta area since 1999, Cactus Corner Travel Centre delivers marked diesel, purple gas, clear diesel, and regular gas.


There is no time to run empty! We have 2 fuel tankers at your service for on-site delivery any day of the week!


We deliver high-quality fuel where and when you need it, including:

Clear and dyed diesel

Clear and dyed gasoline

Shell - V Power

Fuel for your toys includes:

Agricultural machinery






For more information or to request delivery, please call 403-854-5000.


A valid AFFB number is required to deliver marked/dyed products.

Tank Traders / Propane

Cactus Corner Travel Centre is happy to be a part of the Tank Trader program. Purchase a prefilled tank from any Tank Trader dealer, and when you run out of propane, trade that tank in for another full tank for only the cost of the propane.


Farm Fuel Delivery

We value your time, and so we provide a quick farm fuel delivery service.

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